Chris Carruthers

Headhunter, Resume Writer and Career Coach

I'm a Headhunter

with 20 years experience in recruitment and resume & CV writing.

I have written hundreds of resumes and CVs for people from all over the world during my career as a recruiter and before that I reviewed hundreds for the people I was hiring and interviewing for in industry.

This puts me in a unique position as a professional resume and cv writer because unlike so many of my colleagues I’m not a graphic designer or a professional writer pretending to understand recruitment or the hiring process.

I actually am a recruiter.

I am someone who reads and writes these things for a living every day and whose reputation is based on being able to identify great candidates for Hiring Managers and HR departments.

As a headhunter, I understand exactly what works and doesn’t work in a resume or CV and exactly how to grab the attention of key decision makers within the first few seconds.

I can read a job description and know exactly what is going through the mind of the person hiring and exactly what it is they need to see on a resume or CV to select that person for an interview.

In short, my resumes and CVs work.

They win interviews for my candidates and they do it quickly and reliably.

I have spent most of my career dedicated to finding the best candidates for my clients and I’m now using all that experience and knowledge in helping my candidates to land their dream roles.

Your resume or CV is the first chance you get to make an impression, so don’t let it be your last.